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My number 1 tip to live in a safe house

is to be sure to hire a professional. There is an absolute fact that if a thief wants to get in to your house, they can and they will. Doesn’t sound very encouraging does it? Unfortunately it is true.

What you want to do is to minimize the opportunities and that is where the professional can help. Let me give you an example of several incidents that happened near my neighborhood…….. We had reports of people breaking in to an unlocked car. Please, that’s not breaking in, that is an open invitation to go ahead and take whatever you want.

What are you going to need that requires a requires a professional? For starters you will need a local 24 hour locksmith that provides lockout service and also 24 hour emergency service. It will also help if you can locate a locksmith who is actually near you and not one that lists an address and phone number that leads you to believe that he is just right down the street from you.

So now you have resolved the issue of finding a locksmith that can provide real 24 hour locksmith service, lockout service, and emergency locksmith service. Best of all he is not that far away from you.

Now comes the part that you are going to use the professionals knowledge and experience. What are you going to need? Do you have a fence? First thing that you do is put up signs that state “beware of dog” whether you have one or not. Next you should consider motion detectors and cameras. These should definitely be professionally installed.

The next item on your list is to walk around the house and check all the places that would allow anyone access to your home. These could be a window or a door. Sliding glass doors are particularly vulnerable as in many cases you can just lift them off the track.

So you definitely want a professional involved.

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