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Important Notice Regarding Your Utility Bill

Hi there, I know that you guys are surely busy, so I want to make sure I keep this brief. One of your previous clients reached out to me and referred your business as being potentially interested in getting connected with ours – Think Energy. We are sick and tired of large energy providers hiking the cost of rates and damaging the environment in the process. Think Energy provides the following: • 100% of your electricity consumption will be produced by wind, solar and hydro resources • Competitive fixed rates that don’t fluctuate • Cash-back rebates of up to $25 dollars per year if your bill was higher than your previous supplier • Free energy club, which will allow you to receive up to 100% off of your electricity bill – yes, this is real and we can many customers (especially business’s) that save thousands per year • We partner with Tr[1]be, an organization dedicated to protecting critically endangered rainforests If these items above are something that make you feel strongly, I would love to schedule a call with you to give you more information. Feel free to text, call or email and I will get back with you promptly. The best part is that signing up take minutes and I will personally make it my goal to not only get your business free energy, but your personal home and other families as well. Best Regards, Marino Piccolo C: ‪(313) 307-5624‬‬ E: Senior Energy Advisor 626 E. Fourth St. Opt out of future marketing messages by replying to the message and saying "opt out."

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