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Hey, I hope you’re well. Are you looking to hire someone to manage your seo, website or online marketing? My name is Somesh (a south african with a funny name) currently based near Ardingly in the UK. I’ve recently certified in online digital marketing with Clickfunnels and I’m looking to work for free in exchange for a testimonial or case study. Would you be able to help? I realise that this is a bit out of the blue, and it may cross your mind that this is a scam. You are right to be wary, there are a lot of unhealthy people out there. But please visit me on linkedin or my website where you can find details of my over 2853 connections (that’s 2853 people that trust be enough to connect.) To do your due diligence, please visit – (website) – (linkedin) The rest of my social links can be found there too. Really, I just need to just increase my testimonials. All the best Somesh +447588711912 PS. please respond delete if you are not interested and I wont bother you again

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