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Mortis Smart Lock

A smart lock is a vital part of the smart home. Without one, your home automation project is incomplete.

The most popular smart locks are for standard deadbolt locks where the latch is separate from the deadbolt. There is no shortage of those types of smart locks

But, if you’re looking for a mortise smart lock, your options are seriously limited. I spent some hours searching. It was a struggle, but I managed to come up with this list.

To be clear, I haven’t personally used any of these locks. Therefore I can’t personally recommend any of them.

What’s a mortise lock? A mortise lock combines the latch and the deadbolt into one solid lock. Then, a rectangular hole called a mortise is cut into the side of the door. The entire lock assembly is installed into the mortise. They are frequently found in commercial use, but can be used in residential as well.


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